9 个原因为什么选择 ECLBET / 9 Reason Why Choose ECLBET

Eclbet 公司一如既往,持续推广温馨口号

从2017年开始以*安全* 口号推广至今,广告依然到处可见. 很多公司都不知不觉的消失了,而Eclbet 依然稳固和受到大家的关注。

Safety Slogan since 2017

Safety Slogan since 2017Since 2017, ECLBET has been promoting *Safety* as our main slogan. Advertisement with slogan can be seen anywhere since then. Along the time, there are many companies tried and still trying to imitate our *Safety* slogan but eventually will disappear as time goes.


Eclbet 独创的*竞猜活动* ,*字在必得*和*风云榜* 是一个让玩家们免费参加的奖金活动,这个活动目前依旧火热吸引了无数玩家,每一个月都送出了高达 150千奖金。而其他平台是没有的

Unique Games & Attractive Events

Prediction Events, Number Games and Ranking are the unique events offers by ECLBET, these events are free to participate, and members stand a chance to win big cash prizes up to 150,000 every month. You will never find such events in any other platform


客户服务是eclbet 的重点服务,态度专业友善是ecl 长年专注的领域,秉持客户至上是我们的一直努力。以最快的方式让玩家了解所有更新和问题。还在犹豫 ? 你可以先来尝试,保证服务周到

Professional & Well Trained Customer Support

ECLBET is constantly receiving superb reviews at our customer support especially on attitude as well as the ability of solving our members’ problems.


Eclbet 也持续更新和创新,务必打造一个舒服,简单和方便的游戏体验。相比其他的网站,eclbet 的网站有明显的优势和更方便使用。先来个大爆料,eclbet将在11月期间推出全新uiux 将会带给你更震撼的观感和享受

Easy and User Friendly Interface

ECLBET has been continuously improving the UIUX of our website to provide the best gaming experiences. There will be major UIUX improvements on up coming November 2021


除了普遍的本地银行入款,通常需时3分钟内收到,而eclbet 也有第三方的入款选项如 truepay ,ipay4u , fastpay. 除次之外,我们也是东南亚第一个引进cypto ( btc, bnb , eth , usdt ,busd) 款项的公司,crypto 已开始收大众的关注,而许多公司也渐渐的纳入了crypto 可选择.

Support Multiple Deposit Methods

ECLBET support Local Bank Transfer, 3rd Party Deposit Channel and Cryptocurrencies. We are the first in the industry to introduce Crypto as our deposit option. We are introducing more coins to be accepted in coming months.

Eclbet 的转账速度超快,快速出款和转账

Eclbet 是一个拥有每一个月超过15,000 活跃玩家的大公司,要做到快速出款是一个不简单的任务.eclbet 专注于内部整理和处理速度,成功保持出款速度在30分钟内.而这个也是我们对玩家的承诺,才能如此得到信任

Fast Withdrawal and Deposit

With more than 15,000 Active members monthly, it is not an easy task to promise fast deposits and withdrawal  but we did it. Based on our records, 95% of the deposits (Local Bank Transfer) are completed within 3 minutes and 90% of withdrawals are completed within 30 minutes.

Eclbet 努力创新,拥有大量玩家和活跃玩家

Eclbet 是一家成长型公司,每一个月都突破高达15,000 活跃玩家,创立至今也累计了最少200,000 玩家.而我们也一直寻找更丰富的游戏,成功吸引每月超过3000+ 玩家加入公司.

Strong and Growing Company

ECLBET is one of the top Gaming company in Malaysia and Singapore that has up to 15,000 active players monthly. Our company is still growing every month, we have more than 2500 new members join us every month.

Eclbet 拥有超高知名度和信誉

Eclbet 创立至今拥有多方面的支持和配合,也是唯一家最多的合作伙伴如, insta famous, namewee,台湾艺人,专页群组等等

High Reputation and Credibility

There are many reasons our member get to know ECLBET, one of the most popular marketing event is collaborating with Artist and IG Influencer. We are the first to collaborate with Malaysia Most popular Chinese Male Singer, Namewee to organize some charity events and production of Music Video (MV).


Eclbet 曾经赞助过不少的慈善活动,如namewee 的慈善之旅 1 likes = rm1 和100万的匿名捐款到各大医院。我们一直都在低调的回馈本地社会,做到真正的取自社会,用之社会。而没必要像其他公司,花大笔资金聘请外国代言人,和外国明星。把钱贡献于外国人.

Appreciation and Charity

ECLBET has never been less generous when comes to charity events either online or offline. We always hold our principle when doing charities are to help the local, instead of oversea or western countries. That is the reason why our charities event, ambassadors are all local artist.

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