EURO CUP 2020/2021 新加坡竞猜活动赢奖名单

EURO CUP 2020/2021 新加坡竞猜活动赢奖名单 【FULL TIME + INJURY TIME ITALY VS ENGLAND 1 : 1 】

经过了各路队伍精彩的决赛厮杀 ! EURO CUP 2021 竞猜活动最终队伍和进球比分终于出炉啦 ! 在此恭喜我们以下的玩家们成功预测EURO CUP 的决赛队伍和最终比分 ! 一跃成为我们竞猜活动大奖的得主 !

最终活动将获得一共SGD 58289 的巨额奖金 ! 经过玩家精准的分析和神准的预测而成功拿下我们的竞猜大奖 !

没赢到或错过了这次的竞猜活动的玩家们也别气馁!继续守着我们的面子书和网站。我们将会第一时间公布更多和最新的游戏活动动向哦,谢谢大家的支持和信赖! !下一个活动我们不见不散,等你一起来挑战 !


Our EURO CUP 2021 prediction winners are released !

Congratulations to all winners who had successfully predicted the Final 2 Teams and correct score and won the huge prize pool !

Check out our Facebook page and website for upcoming event ! We will see you soon on next event !

Thanks for supporting ECLBET !

All prizes will be credited on the next day (13th JULY 2021) between 12pm -3pm. For any enquiries kindly contact our 24/7 livechat support. Thank you.

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